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How To Disable Aweber Double Optin In Leadpages And WordPress

How to Disable Aweber Double Optin in Leadpages and WordPress

Aweber is one of the top email marketing platforms but there is a little difficulty in enabling single opt-in in their API. Many users complained about this issue and I recently assisted a client to disable the double opt-in which is automatically enabled in Aweber API regardless of the settings made in your Aweber account. Whether you are using Leadpages, WordPress or any other third party services to connect to your AWeber account, you won’t be able to turn on single opt-in simply because there is no physical setting to fix that.

Double opt-in simply means, your subscribers will have to verify their email address first through the activation/confirmation link that would be sent to their registered email before they could be added to your email subscription list.

With this, the conversion rate may be low because not all users will pay attention to the verification email and without confirming their intention to join the list, they will not be added to your email list. Due to the possibility of losing many subscribers, it is recommended to disable the double optin on Aweber.

Now to this case of my client which prompted me to write this post, he is using Leadpage with Aweber and could not find any settings to disable the double opt-in, then I was contacted to assist with the fixing. Below are the steps I took to help disable the double opt-in for his potential subscribers

The Solution

Before you can do this, there must have been some activities on your Aweber account before they can enable single opt-in if you are using third-party services.

All you have to do is very simple and should not take less than 5 minutes. Contact Aweber support team by filling the form on their contact us page( or send a request to disable double optin to [email protected] Just let them know you are using their API via third party service and you would like to enable single opt-in. Based on your account activities, the request will then be approved or denied.

NOTE: This may not work if your account is new and doesn’t have any subscribers yet.

Good News

If your request is eventually approved, future sign to your list will be a single opt-in and wouldn’t need verification at the subscriber’s end


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