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How to Download Audio From YouTube Video

Step By Step Procedure On How To Download Audio From YouTube Videos

A lot of people like you have been searching for how to download audio from YouTube video on android simply because majority of them fell in love with a music that is being played in a movie background. If you’re in the same category with this set of people, rejoice as I’ve got good news for you as you can actually learn how to download YouTube video audio’s on this page.

Is it even possible? Yes, it is. There are a lot of YouTube to audio converters that can help convert it to MP3 and will send the audio from YouTube videos and send you the audio file via email to download

Today, I present you with the best five and different ways to download Audio from a YouTube Video.

ATube Catcher

ATube Catcher is a very good tool that is being used to steal audio from YouTube Videos. This Video to MP3 converter gives you MP3 options to select from when you insert the video’s URL in a labelled box “URL del Video” after selecting the YouTube downloader. You will be offered 12 unique links you can select from to be able to download your audio song. Each link has its own audio format.
Data, file size, are some factors that will determine the particular audio file you end up selecting.


This is another YouTube video to audio converter. When you visit the homepage of this website, you’ll see a form where you will enter the video’s URL and when you’ve done this. You should click on the highlighted button where you see “DOWNLOAD MP3” and boom! You have your audio file.

VLC Media Player

Not every laptop users use VLC video media player. A lot of us sill uses Windows media player and it sucks. Yeah, big time! Okay, lets get back to track. Before you can use the software program, firstly you need to have downloaded and install the exe application. Proceed by clicking on the “Media button” at the top menu bar and select “Convert/Save”.
Click “Add.” and go ahead to open the YouTube video file you plan to rip the audio from that you already saved. Click “Click Convert/Save.”

Now this is where things get a little bit tough, make sure you pick the right audio profile you need which is usually Audio – MP3. Then you’ll click on “Browse” to save the mp3 file in what ever folder you feel like keeping it in on your computer. Now click on “Start” button and then the movie audio will be save to your desired folder.


This is the most easiest website that will convert your YouTube video to MP3 file and then save to your downloads folder on desktop. What you have to do when you visit this YouTube video converter homepage is paste the link of the desired YouTube video you want to extract its audio and then click on convert to download instantly. Very much easy!


This Vubey also is a very good website to get some good and quality audios from movies. Its as easy to use just like the way you can use YouTube-MP3.Org. What you have to do here is visit the website homepage. Then paste your video link and click on “Convert to MP3” button below the box and wait for about 6 seconds for your conversion to finish and then click on download to get your MP3 file.
However, it might take longer than this in some cases if the website is busy or the file is very large.

Hopefully, Techpunch guide on how to download audio from YouTube videos has been really helpful and will continue to be. Should in case you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.

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