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Interserver Web Hosting Review 2019, 1 Cent Free Trial Hosting

Interserver Web Hosting Review 2019, 1 Cent Free Trial Hosting

At present, website is one vital feature any business shouldn’t go without. It has become as important as the growth of the business itself. But one issue that is often encountered particularly by young business owners is usually how to get a website and keep it running. While most simply do not have any knowledge of the internet, to others it appears very cumbersome. Well, it doesn’t have to scare you any further, take a deep breath as you have just arrived.

Interserver web hosting company which stands out unique out of the many web hosting service providers with its high rating is here to relief you off the stress. First, it would pay more to provide you with the basic idea of taking your business online through web hosting. What this implies is simply securing a space in the server then creating a website for storage on the server space. The website goes with an identity, regarded as a domain name in the form of dot-com or net and any other domain extension you prefer to use. As simple as this may sound, it takes only a hosting company with strong reliability, genuine reputation, excellent customer support service and a constructive back end to offer a world class web hosting. is one established with these features and a lot more which is going to be further discussed to enlighten and guide your choice.

InterServer Web Hosting Plans

What they offer

To buttress more on their commitment towards excellence, Interserver covers the different categories of hosting which would perfectly suite whatever type of business while providing you with better options thus:

Shared Hosting: For this level of web hosting, subscribers to this package share server with many other sites. Again, resources including the central processing unit (CPU) or memory can as well be shared between clients. This basic package and the most affordable and ideal for young businesses which would have need for sharing files, sending and receiving e mails. As a trusted firm, Interserver makes this package available to accommodate both for startup firms as well as base level e-commerce sites. This is a budget-friendly hosting plan at $5 monthly, as a reader of this blog, you get a special discount for the first month at $0.01 when you use the coupon code MCOLDME

For Full details on the shared hosting plan, visit

Reseller Hosting: The reseller hosting plan gives you the opportunity to start your own web hosting business with a low budget, Interserver will take you through the stress of setting up the reseller access via Cpanel/WHM with the best support. Obviously, they provide one of the best reseller web hosting in the industry and it really worth checking them out. The plan starts at $19.95 monthly with no hidden charges

For full reseller plans and features, visit Interserver Reseller Hosting

Cloud and VPS Hosting: VPS is an abbreviation for virtual private servers. Just as the name implies, it is much more specific and personalized relative to the shared web hosting. Interserver VPS hosting provides an excellent cloud VPS hosting experience and a unique service. You do not have to share resources such as memory storage, processor etc, with other clients hence making your website safe. while committed to excellence has placed this package at low cost without compromise to its standard starting at $6 per month for Linux cloud VPS and $10 monthly for windows cloud VPS. You can also enjoy Interserver free trial on any of the VPS plan for just $0.01 for the first month if you apply the coupon code MCOLDME

For full details on their Cloud VPS features, visit Interserver Cloud VPS

Dedicated Servers: The dedicated hosting option is a special hosting package that leaves client with absolute (100%) control of his designated server. This unique service provides client with enough space to host entire business plus other web projects simultaneously. As part of their services, Interserver offers dedicated hosting to accommodate substantial volumes of internet traffic. In addition, maximum power and speed is guaranteed which speeds up your sales while eliminating any form of delay that may cost your business. This will not just stop at improving sales but will go as far as building a level of trust for and reliability in your business. You can get an Intel Dual-Core Atom Dedicated server for as low as $39 per month, Xeon dedicated server for $139 per month and 2xsix core E5-2620 server for $310 monthly.

For full features, please visit Interserver Dedicated Server

Interserver Quick Servers: While the dedicated server provides you with total control over your designated server, Interserver has come up with a more interesting package, a special type of dedicated server, the Interserver quick server. This unique server differs from the dedicated servers as it runs through a KVM virtualization as well as the RAID1. However, it still maintains a complete resource delivery and a relatively short set up time. Subscribers to this package automatically gain access to the Interserver management system which gives you absolute control of the server. The setup time for their quick server is 15 minutes with no long term contracts.

Visit Interserver Quick Server to check the full features

WordPress Hosting: Interserver in a bid to improve better options for the conventional shared web hosting, provides another form of shared hosting, all in Interserver designated datacenter, the WordPress dedicated hosting. It is more specialized to client purpose and particularly for websites developed on WordPress. It is relatively affordable so you do not have to dry or empty your wallet.


Interserver Office Entrance Services For All

The above-mentioned categories cover the entire levels of web hosting services which would guide your choice depending on your business requirements. However, to accommodate eminent clients irrespective of your earning capacity, Interserver services have been structured to include but not limited to the following:

ASP.NET hosting: offers this form of windows hosting with unlimited storage and unlimited transfer. It covers as much as 20 websites and more with free SSL certificates. This also comes with unlimited Email accounts with guaranteed mail delivery, unlimited forwarders as well as webmail access. Our ASP.NET hosting email general features also support all categories of mobile operating systems ranging from iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Android phones.

Private email hosting: This unique email hosting service supports all available operating systems ranging from android, iOS, MAC, windows as well as webmail devices. With interserver unique premium filtering services, you can be assured that your inbox is free from viruses as well as spams. Again, it comes with unlimited storage meaning you can store as much mail and as long as the business life and after. An astonishing feature about our private email hosting is that you can easily migrate emails while having great experience. Isn’t that interesting? Their private email hosting services allows you develop a professional email specific for your business as low as $5 per month with absolute (100%) uptime guarantee.

E-commerce hosting: Interserver offers a wide range of E-commerce platforms. This takes almost nothing but the click of your mouse to get to your destination. It has unlimited storage so you can link as much e-commerce platforms as possible. Website is unlimited while migration is absolutely free. You can trust Interserver for a guaranteed email delivery. In addition to these special features, Interserver has worked out to ensure their E commerce hosting can easily be utilized with any device without having to undergo any form of installations.

CPanel hosting: In a bid to accommodate any type of operating system, Interserver is at it again with the cPanel hosting which enables full time control of Linux server. Now maintaining your website is made a lot easier. With the cPanel, the entire website submits to owner’s total control as it can now be manipulated via a web browser. For an effective website, the cPanel is simply indispensable and that’s the exact reason it is recommended. The cPanel goes well with the various server categories as stated above, particularly the shared, dedicated and VPS servers. cPanel hosting in addition to the already mentioned features provide Perl, PHP, Apache and MySQL applications making it a world class hosting. Again, purchasing the cPanel enabled hosting from Interserver assures you an easy to use website, free domains as well as free website migration. To reiterate the commitment towards building your business, Interserver has made this hosting as cheap as $5 per month.

Non-profit hosting: To increasingly show their support and contribution to humanity, Interserver is part of the few web hosting firms round the globe that offer free web hosting services to non-profit organizations. There is still no compromise to their standard as they establish a user unique and easy to manipulate website that aids in the dissemination of information. To ensure effective communication, a click install script is added to automatically links and allows you relate with users of different social media widgets and contact forms. Again, it still goes with an unlimited bandwidth as well as email accounts. Interserver also ensures you are provided with an all-time available expert to handle any difficulty in usage. No cost attached as it is totally free!

Student web hosting: In their own way of contributing generally to education, they come up with a unique type of web hosting service which considers students, particularly those at the entry level. Standard is not compromised as they still guarantee and maintain superb experience while delivering this service. It is absolutely free for the first year while subsequent years it still maintains a relatively low cost. This simply means as affordable as just $5 to keep you on track.

interserver review 2017

Interserver Server House

Interserver Unique Features

Though time has been explored in giving a step by step detail of Interserver various services, there is still the need to express other features considered to be unique to Interserver and may not be accommodated in those already stated. These special features consist of but not limited to the following;

  • The low prices given for each of services is monthly. The payment method is flexible enough as not binding regulation to pay far before time. This doesn’t mean there are no bonuses in the form of discounts for clients that would pay ahead of time. There is!
  • To ensure high efficiency, Interserver makes use of 50% of the entire resources. This in addition helps in better management of client’s websites hence avoid any destructive interference which may be arising from server overload.
  • To maintain identity, the entire components are designed at Datacenter standards. This is to maintain high quality hardware components and to serve clients better.
  • With special consideration for their clients and to express their commitment towards helping the growth of your business irrespective of the scale, Interserver Domain registration stands as low as $1.99. Interserver is simply affordable yet deliver standard.
  • Interserver services are continuous and round the clock as their technical experts provide a 24/7 support to clients to ensure no break. Yes, Interserver understands what every second translates to in monetary terms for any business operating online.
  • You don’t have to worry over switching hosts, as website migration is part of Interserver services and it is absolutely free.
  • Interserver Datacenter is unique and privately owned by them. They solely have control and manage it to suite and serve their clients better.
  • Interserver has their team of experts who work behind the scene to ensure 100% efficiency at the headquarters in Secaucus, New Jersey, USA.
  • There is no shift in the annual renewal price. It is fixed and will assume this rate for as long as your account with them will last. That’s Interserver commitment, that’s their bond.
  • To express their sincere service, there is room for refund of payment if you find their services not satisfactory enough particularly within a 30-day period. You will always enjoy what they have to offer.
  • You can always contact their team of experts for any clarification that may be needed through Email, phone or even chats. Be assured that their response is quick.
  • Depending on the category of web hosting, Interserver offers upgrading services. This means that for beginners and young business owners who started with the shared server, there is room for upgrade to either the virtual private server or the dedicated server depending on your choice and your business requirements. This clearly eliminates any need for creating and hosting an entirely new site.
  • As part of their standards and services to guarantee emails, Interserver has a unique monitoring system that tracks messages and senders to limit any form of abuse which is against their policy and terms of service.

Interserver Special Discounts ($0.01/month)

Interserver 1 cent hosting

To accommodate and promote as many businesses as possible, Interserver is at it again with a rare offer, a whooping promo discount of just $0.01 for a complete first month of serving your shop online, I call this Interserver 1 cent hosting. With this rate, don’t assume any form of compromise to standards as they have made name with her continuous excellence. This down to earth rate is simply aimed at taking every business, both small and large scale while eliminating pressure that may be mounted by need for extra capital. It is simply irresistible and worth giving an experience. While not limited to only a single level of the many levels of their hosting services, it is applicable to both the shared and VPS hosting. Again, it is very important to point out that clients are not duty bound to make an upfront payment; it is all your choice to make.

To enjoy this outstanding discount, there is a simple mode;

  • Just visit the Interserver site and paste the coupon code: MCOLDME on the coupon code space when placing your order.

Follow this carefully and you are good to go!

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

Even with these features mentioned, Interserver has a lot more which make their services one of the best sought. as a hosting company is so committed to ensuring that their clients get the best out of their business from assisting them with mounting their shops online to positively contributing to the growth of the entire business irrespective of its starting scale. To display such undisputable commitment, they have brought their services home with lowered price to accommodate every level of earning without comprise to standards. You won’t want to doubt this any further as will never relent or fall from its peak. No other option than to keep the pace. See you!


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