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Why Adsense Account Get Disabled And How To Prevent Adsense Invalid Activity

Why Adsense Account Get Disabled and How to Prevent Adsense Invalid Activity

I have been a victim of AdSense ban due to invalid click activity about 3 years ago. I was curious to know why my account was disabled but i was unable to find out the exact reason my account was banned. I have heard so many cases of AdSense disabling so many bloggers account for either invalid clicks or activity. Just of recent, a reader mailed me narrating his ordeal with AdSense, he said his account that contain some finalized earnings of $450 was disabled and the frustrated man asked what he can do to avoid such occurrence in the future. I just gave him the straight answer, do things right and you will safe yourself from the teribble experience, but after I did some research, I found out the reasons AdSense purnish some bloggers and what could be done to avoid getting disabled which am going to talk about on this post.

Google ensure their Advertisers are given maximum protection to get the expected returns on their investment and they will never provide informations of account activity that result in the disable of the publisher’s AdSense account. Google frown seriously at invalid activity, most especially when it poses a risk to the AdWords’ Advertisers as contained in their AdSense account disabled for invalid traffic policy enforcements. Despite all this, AdSense still remains the best monetization program for bloggers and content writers when it comes to CPC and they remain the best high paying network

What does invalid click activity mean in AdSense?

Invalid click activity can result from clicks on ads on a page without interest on the content of the page. Let me explain that better, you have a content with ads on the page, a user lands on that page and the first thing he/she do is clicking on ads without even take time to read the content on the page. Also, if a user keeps clicking on every single ad on a website. Please check the video below to learn more on different types of invalid click activity.

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Come to think of it, is Google a witch ? how will they detect such event on a website? Google is very smart and they update their algorithm every day, they make use of sophisticated human alike bots to crawl web pages, also they make use of mouse tracking algorithm to monitor every user’s mouse pattern on a website with AdSense. This is very important as they don’t want to compromise their standard and quality because the market is very competitive and they have to ensure their advertisers are protected thereby making use of complex algorithm to remain the best

Reason AdSense Account Might Get Disabled and Solution

1. Many webmaster/bloggers always make this serious mistake and many has paid dearly for it. According to AdSense policy, you are allowed to register for an AdSense account with a single email-id, single name and address combined. I have seen so many cases where some bloggers use the same name and address for different AdSense account and eventually got banned as a result of this. Also, don’t make mistake while submitting your tax information, you can read my post on how to submit tax information on Google Adsense. The only solution to this is to stop using the same name and address combined for your AdSense. I understand there are some situations whereby you need another AdSense account, ensure you use a unique name with a unique address.

2. AdSense has its own policy and they want every publisher to respect this policy to stay safe. As I said earlier, Google is very strict when it comes to rules and violation of the rules. To be an obedient publisher, you need to put the following things in your mind when displaying AdSense on your website.

  • Be original, Google loves unique content. So, ensure your site content are 100% original. Google recommends minimum of 250 words above on a page showing AdSense ads
  • Don’t post too much ads on your page, a common sense will tell you these ads on my site are too much. so, you should ensure ads are not more than content. 3-4 ads are on a web page
  • Never post any content related to hacking, software cracking or piracy, Violent content, Racial content, Gambling/Casino, hard drugs, Alcohol (Beer or hard alcohol), weapons and ammunition, distribution of course work, unclad content or any content that are age restricted like pornographic material and don’t ever link to sites that does it.
  • Don’t use copyrighted content or images, generate your own image or use stock photos
  • Don’t ever, i repeat don’t ever click on your own ads. If you want to test ads on your site, install the AdSense publisher tools. But why should you test ads when ads are already showing live on your site. I advise you not to ever try to click on any ads on your website because Google uses a very powerful Algorithm to track user’s pointer behaviour on any page showing ads
  • In addition to don’t click your ads, don’t ever beg or tell your friend or user to click on ads
  • Don’t try to trick users to click on ads, I have come across this on so many website using text to trick users to click on their ads. Some even went far by embedding ads on images and iframe. Honestly, this is not good enough and will result to AdSense disabling such account and website. You will see something like click here to see rich and hot babes, or using scripts to display ads as a pop up for a user to click before they can read the page content. Oh No, you need to stop doing this
  • Google want to rule and so they hate competition, don’t use AdSense together with any other ad services. Let AdSense be your number one and only ad program.

You can check out the video below to get better understanding on AdSense policy on copyright content

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3. Manipulation of ad code can get an AdSense account banned for life. There are many so many forums that post tricks on how to manipulate AdSense code to increase earnings. As per AdSense policy, it is an offence to manipulate or make any changes to ad codes, I will advise you not to do this as this will result to your account being disabled.

4. Using AD Blocker Alternative might get your account banned. Adblocking has gone mainstream and browser developers are integrating ad blocker to improve user experience. As a result of this, many webmasters use alternative means to display other content to AdBlock users. Personally, I don’t recommend displaying alternative content to AdBlock users but if you must use this alternative, make sure you are doing it smartly to safe your AdSense account. Research have proven that wrong usage or implementation of ad blocker alternative can result in disable of AdSense account permanently. You can use php function to display your ads, read how to prevent invalid click acitvity using php function

5. Another reason an account might get disabled is the problem of “AdSense Cyber Fraud Attack”. This is an intent attack towards a website showing ads by clicking on the display ads continuously with the aim of punishing the publisher. No one could come up with main reason they do this but as far as I know, they only want to destroy the hard work of webmaster and certain measure has to be taken to avoid this. Webmasters always claim they are innocent when their account is disabled and of course they are, they are just unaware of the problem of the cyber fraud attack. There are some countries notable for this kind of activities mainly India, China, Russia, Ukraine, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Belgium, and Pakistan. Hackers from the countries mentioned perform activities that will make you lose all your AdSense income and I think the best way to avoid them is to stop ads from showing in those countries.

Below are some of the high-risk countries that you might want to consider stopping your ads from showing as shared by & Pakistan, China, Ukraine, Indonesia, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Egypt, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Malaysia, Israel. Read my post on how to stop ad from showing in some countries . Blocking ads from this countries will also increase your CPC because ads will be delivered to the right audience.

6. Many of us don’t know that AdSense does not support some languages. If you are using a Multilanguage translator on your website that is showing AdSense, then you may need to check on the list of AdSense supported languages to make changes to your website to avoid been banned

7. Sending ads to your blog subscriber as an email is not allowed, if you do this and you are caught, your account will be in disable mode

8. Buying traffic to your site can get tour account disabled. This is not permitted according to AdSense terms of service. This doesn’t not include site promotion on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and others.

Other things to take note are:

  • Don’t make your ads sticky
  • Don’t make ads look like or close to content
  • Ads are not allowed on pages with no content, most especially 404 error pages.


In conclusion, the only way to stay safe from AdSense account ban is to play by the rules and make sure you do the right thing. Invalid activity has a lot of things going behind the scene and has to be taken seriously with great measure and precautions to avoid the bad news. Make sure you implement all the tips discussed on this post to stop AdSense from disabling your account. Have you ever experience such issues before now? Were you able to reinstate your account back? I will be glad if you can also share your experience with Google AdSense, let us know by dropping a comment and don’t forget to share with friends

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    1. On the email you received when it was disabled, you will see a link to appeal. Kindly follow the link and send your appeal. If you are lucky, you might be considered

  1. hello boss , how you doing today? Please have done my Adsense address verification… But the name on my Adsense is not the same with the tax info. How can I do the verification? More over my Adsense only show in USA after 1000 visitors

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