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Why I Love Yoast Seo Premium Plugin (And You Should, Too!)

Why I Love Yoast Seo Premium Plugin (And You Should, Too!)

A lot of people choose WordPress for their blog or website because they heard WordPress is the best CMS for SEO. I also love WordPress and I have used it for so many websites I have developed for my clients. I also use it on all my blogs including this and over 5 millions of websites are powered by WordPress which means everybody loves WP.

For the fact that WordPress was developed to meet the SEO standard, you still have to do some optimization to maximize your SEO efforts. As you all know, you can do anything with WordPress, if you think of it, you will definitely get a plugin to make it happen. SEO which is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization is not a trick to rank higher but making your website formatted in the best way search engines can easily index your website pages. Search engines are the best source to acquire a long-term traffic and that is the reason a webmaster should have a website or blog that is SEO compliant. I said it earlier that in WordPress, there is a plugin for everything you could think of and SEO is not left behind. You might have seen thousands of free SEO plugins on the WordPress repository and paid SEO plugins on different marketplace thus causing confusion on which one to choose. To make things easier for you, I will be sharing with you the best WordPress SEO plugins that have used and the one that works best for me.


Choosing the Best WordPress SEO plugin

Source: WPBeginner

The best WordPress SEO plugin I have used so far are YOAST SEO and ALL IN ONE SEO PACK. These two plugins are the most popular and effective solutions but YOAST is the most rated. is powered by YOAST SEO and I will discuss more on the features of the paid plugin and you will understand why I love YOAST and you should too

Let’s uncover the amazing features of Yoast SEO Premium version


YOAST plugin was developed by Joost de Valk who is an SEO consultant. The plugin has free and paid version, the free version is available on while the paid version also known as YOAST PREMIUM is only available on Yoast official website for $89 per license. The plugin has been around since 2008 and millions of users are using it for their WordPress SEO. You must have been using the Yoast free version and I’m sorry to inform you that you are missing a lot if you haven’t tested the premium version. Now let’s talk about the great features of YOAST PREMIUM that you are missing



In the free version, you can only focus on 1 keyword but the Yoast premium version allows you to set up to 5 focus keywords for your post or page. To get the best out of this, there is a specific strategy you should apply. When writing your article title or content, your primary keyword should be included as an exact match and your secondary keywords should be included as a partial match. Make sure your secondary keywords can be found in the content and snippet. And lastly, don’t mind the content analysis for the secondary keywords.

Yoast Multiple Focus Keywords

Source: OnlineMedia



One of the amazing features of the premium version is the automatic redirection from old URLs to new ones. Sometimes, there is need to change the permalink structure of your post or page, this plugin will ensure the URL is redirected to the new one so you don’t lose visitors to 404 error page. This is also a good option to fix crawl errors or broken URLs often caused by the change of permalinks, deleting pages or post. To get the best of this feature, make sure you connect Google Search Console with Yoast under SEO > General > Webmaster Tools. Wait a few days after the connection and then you can fix all crawl errors in the search console section using Yoast’s redirect manager.

Yoast redirect manager

Source: OMM

The redirects types available are 301 (permanent). 302 (found), 307 (temporary redirect), 410 (content deleted), and 451 (unavailable for legal reasons).

Some of us are using other free redirection plugin or manual redirection via .htaccess, you can also import these into Yoast under SEO > Tools > Import/Export > Import From Other SEO Plugins. If you are importing from .htaccess, kindly follow this instruction


Linking to an old post is one of the best practices for internal linking and this feature provides suggestions for links to other pages or post on your website.


You don’t have to manually do content analysis as you will be shown up to 5 words or phrases you use most on your page to check if they match with your focus keywords.


The free and premium versions are updated every 2 weeks to ensure it meets up with the latest Google Algorithm


Only Google preview is available in the free version but the premium version allows you to see the preview (how it will look like) on Google, Facebook, and Twitter. You can enable this in the “Social” settings. When editing a post, scroll down to Yoast section and click the share button to see the preview on social pages when shared. You can also edit the default image to whatever you like.


Cornerstone contents are the pages or post on your website that you love most and want to rank higher on Google or other Search engines.


As promised by Yoast, you will have access to 1 year free 24/7 support in case you have any issue with the product

In addition, you will no longer see any ads in your WordPress plugin.


Yoast also has some useful extensions such as Yoast Local SEO for local businesses, Yoast News SEO for Google News optimization and Yoast Video SEO for Google video optimization


I’ll continue to take advantage of Yoast SEO Premium plugin and other Yoast extension plugins because they are working for me. From multiple focus keywords and auto redirection to internal link suggestion and social preview, I really don’t know why you should not also fall in love with the amazing features of this most rated WordPress SEO plugin. Yoast SEO plugin is a great plugin focus on improving website ranking with the best Search Engine Optimization techniques. If you have any question or assistance with yoast seo configuration, kindly drop your comment


For testing purpose, you can download Yoast premium plugin pack when you share this post. In the plugin pack, you have access to download Yoast SEO Premium 6.3, Yoast Local SEO For WooCommerce Premium 6.3, Yoast Local SEO Premium 6.3, Yoast News SEO Premium 6.3, Yoast Video SEO Premium 6.3, Yoast WooCommerce SEO Premium 6.3. If after testing, you decided to use commercially, please proceed to the developer site to obtain a license for your website

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DISCLAIMER: Joost de Valk is the developer and owner of Yoast SEO free and premium version. Under the terms of the General Public License v3.0, this blog provides premium themes and plugins for testing purpose. My aim is to promote WordPress to the users so they can check any theme/plugins before buying. I understand user’s situation when they pay for a certain product and at the end, it does not fulfill your requirements and most developers do not offer a refund.

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